A daily devotional reading from the Sermon on the Mount with commentary followed by a Yoga practice.

Luke 17:21 "The Kindom of God is within you. Seek this first."

John 3:3  Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

Jesus taught the masses of people, mostly in parables, "according to their level of understanding."

But in his Sermon on the Mount, he delivered his highest teachings, directly to his 12 disciples, those who where Spiritually ready to receive his hightest teachings, about the ways and means to become "born again" and thus reside in the Kingdom of God, within.

In this series, we will work through the 8 beatitudes and learn how we too, can move beyond moral virtues, and become Spiritually ready to receive the Spiritual wisdom of these teachings.

As well as how we too may come to live according to these highest teachings, thus being "born again of Spirit" and coming to know for ourselves, this "Kingdom of God that is Within"

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