The Goal Getters Series - Your Ticket to SUCESS!

All about the Goal Getter Series:

This Goal Getter Series is the most comprehensive, and supportive program you will find in helping you to achieve your goals in the new year! WHATEVER your goals are!!! Where your goals are to start brushing your teeth twice a day, learn to remain calm, loose weight - WHATEVER YOUR goals are, we are ready to help you realize them!

This is not a cookie cutter program - this is a program designed to meet you where you are at, to get you clear on your goals, road map your way to success and follow through! But we don't just stop there, there's a reason why you haven't already already emobdied these intentions or achieved these goals - and its a little something called.... limiting beliefs, self sabotaging patterns, low self worth.... any of this hitting home? Yeah? Ok - we'll take you through those road blocks as well!

How many times have you wished for changes, set intentions for yourself, started a diet, started a new routine or program? How many times have you wished you could be better, do it differently, stop self sabotaging? How many limiting beliefs do you continue to entertain? Or do you even know what is holding you back and why? Are you ready to say ENOUGH already - I want to live my best life, to show up in life as my best self!

So you have the intentions for growth, for change, for up leveling, now are your ready willing and able to go for it? If your ready and willing and able to go after them, we're ready, willing able to support and guide you through the process!

Lets do it! Its time to wrangle in that unruly voice in your head, that mind, that voice in your head is truly YOUR instrument. Did you know that? You are not them mind, you control the mind, with practice. Its time to put it in its place. Stop letting the tail wag the dog! Learn to train and uplift the mind and keep it focused on the prize - your best life!

Tom Corley wrote a book titled "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life", truthfully I haven't read it yet, but I do know that change is the sum of intention plus will - be willing to change your habits, and you will change your life! Often times we have clear intentions but we lack the willingness to follow through, and even more often we run into the old limiting beliefs and ego's fears of change and DONT KNOW HOW to move through them! We lack the support and guidance to properly dismantle these fears and limiting beliefs and we abandon our intentions, and abandon ourselves before we reach the goal!

What makes this program different, is you are truly set up for success here. But as is always the case - You must be willing to continue moving through the process and attain your hearts intentions! No one can change your habits and dismantle your limiting beliefs and fears for you, but we can certainly walk along side you! If you promise not to abandon yourself, to chuck perfection and just keep moving forward, you will absolutely come out of this 10 weeks a better version of You!

In this program we will guide you through the process of getting really clear on your hearts intentions. Including how to weed out the intentions rooted in fear, and "not-enough-ness" intentions. Those goals are doomed from the start. Lets discover what it is YOUR unique beautiful Self truly wants to achieve in this new year.

We will assist you in game planning out your road map to achieving your goals and intentions. Knowing what you want is one thing, knowing how to get it is another!

We will coach, guide and support you through dismantling your liming beliefs and fears which have been holding you back all along. When we declare our goals and intentions for ourselves, gather the energy and willingness to go get them, inevitably we run smack into the barriers to our own success. Those limiting beliefs, fears and patterns of self sabotage are why we are in this position in the first place! They are not the truths of who we are, but they are certainly real forces and roadblocks to achieving our goals. In this series you will receive 2 workshops to help you gain clarity on your intentions, a road map to success, and tools for dismantling the limiting beliefs and working through your road blocks, a Goal Tracker Worksheet to check in with daily, as well as guided meditations to support you on your journey AND optional one on one coaching, intuitive guidance and energy healing sessions to further enhance your support and success! You literally could not be more supported!

Th optional one on one coaching sessions can be made with either Christy or Kelly for a special rate of only $30 per one hour appointment during this 10 week series. Christy will also be offer Intuitive guidance and/or energy healing sessions at special rate of $50 /hr - vs her standard $75-$125 rate for participants of the Goal Getter Series during this 10 weeks. For the price of a massage and a nice dinner out per month - you can schedule yourself weekly coaching sessions to REALLY help hone in on your goals and bust through your barriers! Email [email protected] to schedule with Christy or Kelly. Or call/text Christy at 66005-770-4129 to learn more about Healing and Intuitive Guidance Sessions.

We are better together. Research shows, we are more successful when we share our goals with others, and have a network of support. This series is designed for you to move through individually and as often as you'd like. However at times, we will run a Goal Getter Series Challenges. During these times, we encourage you to form small teams to work with. We suggest teams of 3-5 people but you are welcome to pair up or form a larger team.

The included guided meditations and visualization exercises are downloadable and your gifts to keep! We think you will find these invaluable and meditations to use again and again over the years!

So don't hesitate, what you do have to loose, really?!?! The early bird gets the worm - Let Get Clear, Get Set and Go Get every one of your intentions and goals for yourself this year!

Included in this Goal Getter Series:

Your complete Goal Getter Series, your ticket to success includes:

Workshop: A Clarity Session and Intention Setting Workshop. Designed to help you get a clear and tangible set of goals and intentions set for yourself. Assist you in aligning your energy and focus with your intentions. Guide and assist you in road mapping your way to success. *This Workshop will also be recorded for those who can not make it in person.

Guided Meditations

Recorded and downloadable guided meditations and visualization exercises, including a healing Yoga Nidra with energy healing support, yours to keep and download and come back to again and again!

Your Success Tracker Worksheet

This Worksheet has it all in one spot, you will find your clearly defined intentions, your actionable task list i.e. habits and practices which will take you to the realization of your intentions, a worksheet to check off each day you succeed in these practices. This worksheet will show you your big picture dream and intentions as well as which intentions your are currently honed in on, this specific week. Its super slick, your gonna love this worksheet!!!

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