The Goal Getter Series is a comprehensive, supportive, motivating course, designed to assist you in knowing your hearts intentions and road mapping your way to success. Knowing what you want is one thing, knowing how to get it is another!

This series includes:

*Over a dozen coaching modules (Scroll down to view coaching modules)

-Designed to assist you in defining clear, ALIGNED, heart centered intentions and goals for living your best life, for getting clear on your hearts intentions - weeding out the intentions rooted in fear, and "not-enough-ness". Those goals are doomed from the start!

-How to create a road map to achieving those goals.

-And how to free yourself from the self doubts, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns - all those reasons why you are here in the first place!

*A Goal Tracker Worksheet for staying on course.
*Guided meditations + a recorded Yoga Nidra to download and keep
*1 Recorded Intention Setting Workshop

Your goals can be anything! Maybe you wish to start brushing your teeth twice a day, or perhaps to remain calm and centered, or lose weight, how about enhance your relationship with your kids or spouse, become more confident, or find balance in your daily life -ANYTHING goes here!

This is not a cookie cutter program - You decide the traits and habits you wish to embody, set your goals, and we will guide you into realizing them! We even guide you into how to set your goals and intentions! If you're ready to grow, we've got you!

How many times have you wished to make changes, have you started a diet, started a new program? How many times have you wished you could do it differently, and stop self sabotaging? How many limiting beliefs do you continue to entertain? Or do you even know what is holding you back? Are you ready to say ENOUGH already - I want to start living my best life, to show up in life, as the best version of myself!

Yes? Awesome! So you have the intention for growth, for change, for leveling up, now are your ready willing and able to go for it? If you are ready, willing, and able to go for it, we are ready, willing and able to support you and guide you through the process of achieving it!

In this program you will learn why focusing on perfection and doing it right are NOT the keys to real change - you will find that consistency is key, how and why to check in vs numb out and that dismantling your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns is absolutely possible!

So lets do it! Lets wrangle in that unruly voice in your head and start living your best life! Speaking of that voice in your head, did you know that the voice of your mind, your mind - is not you, it is YOUR instrument though. Think about that and let that set in. You are not the mind, you control the mind. Maybe not now, but with practice you will! Its time to put your mind in its place. Stop letting the tail wag the dog. Learn to train and uplift the mind and keep it focused on the prize - living your best life!!!

Tom Corley wrote a book titled "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life", truthfully I haven't read it yet, but I do know that change is the sum of intention plus will - be willing to change your habits, and you will change your life! That I found to be true over and over again. New habits = a New way of living. Often we have great intentions for change but we lack the willingness to follow through, and even more often we begin following through, only to run into the old limiting beliefs and the ego's fear of change, feelings of unworthiness and we DON'T KNOW HOW to keep going! We lack the support and guidance to properly dismantle these fears and limiting beliefs and we abandon our intentions, and abandon ourselves before we reach the goal.

You are truly set up for success in this program! But as is always the case - You must be willing to continue moving through the process to attain your hearts intentions! No one can change your habits and dismantle your limiting beliefs and fears for you, But we will certainly guide you and support you on your journey! If you promise not to abandon yourself, if you can chuck perfection and just keep moving forward, YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY come out of this 10 weeks a better version of You!

Lets discover what YOUR unique beautiful self truly dreams to become and get you to REALIZING this dream!

During our New Years Special - take $23 off the regular price of this course!
Now $44 - Less than $5 per week! - Through January 10th. Regularly Priced at $67


(Scroll to the bottom to preview coaching modules)
These coaching modules are all online and instantly view-able so you can go back through the course over and over again. They are designed to assist you in setting intentions that are rooted in your highest potential vs rooted in shame; road map your way to achieving those goals, and walk you through the process of letting go of the habits and patterns that no longer serve you, dissolving the mental barriers that have been holding you back from realizing your goals.

1st Workshop: A Clarity Session and Intention Setting Workshop Designed to help you get a clear and tangible set of goals and intentions set for yourself, Assist you in aligning your energy and focus with your intentions, and Guide you in road mapping your way to success.
*This Workshop will be recorded for those who can not make it in person.

2nd Workshop: Half way through the series we will come back together for a regrouping and re-energizing session to assist you in clearing fatigue, and doubts and help realign your energy around your goals. We will also further discuss the practices for dismantling the limiting beliefs and working through your road blocks.
*This Workshop will be recorded for those who can not make it in person.

This Worksheet has it all in one spot, you will find spaces for up to 8 intentions or goals and your actionable task list i.e. habits and practices which will take you to the realization of your intentions. Use this worksheet to check off each day you succeed in these practices. This worksheet will show you your big picture dream and intentions as well as which intentions you are currently honed in on, this specific week. Its super slick, your gonna love this worksheet!!!

Recorded and downloadable guided meditations and visualization exercises, including a healing Yoga Nidra with energy healing support, yours to keep - forever! We think you will find these downloadable guided meditations invaluable and meditations you will use again and again!

When we declare our goals and intentions for ourselves, gather the energy and willingness to go get them, inevitably - we run smack into the barriers to our own success. Those pesky limiting beliefs, fears and patterns of self sabotage are why we are in this position in the first place! Although they are not the truths of who we are, they are certainly real forces and roadblocks to achieving our goals.

The optional one on one coaching sessions can be made with either Christy or Kelly for a special rate of only $25 per 40min appointment during this 10 week series. Christy will also be offering Intuitive guidance and/or Energy Healing sessions at a special rate of $50/hr vs her standard $75 - $125/ hr rate for participants of the Goal Getter Series during this 10 weeks. These sessions are typically done by phone, and may also be done in person.

For the price of a massage and a nice dinner out each month - you can schedule yourself weekly coaching sessions to REALLY help hone in on your goals and bust through your barriers!

So don't hesitate, what you do have to loose, really?!?! The early bird gets the worm - The time is NOW! STOP hesitating and start moving forward!

Lets Get Clear, Get Set and Go Get every one of your intentions and goals for yourself this year!

Challenge Participants are eligible for team and individual prizes and incentives
If you have a large group of people who are ready to run this Goal Getters Series challenge - reach out!
Special for this Series challenge, we will offer awesome prizes for the winning team! With 3 or more teams entered, the winning team prizes may include Om Shanti Studios t shirts along with great gift certificates! Gift certificates including drinks and/ or dinner out for your team, Om Shanti Studios class passes and more - the type and amount of gift certificates will depend the number of and the location of the participants.

During the times when we are running the Goal Getter Series Challenge, you will also receive group support from your team! Your people, your team, the ones who will support, challenge and check up on you, and the ones you will support, challenge and check up on!
We are better together. Research shows, we are more successful when we share our goals with others, and have a network of support. We suggest teams of 3-5 people but you are welcome to pair up or form a larger team.
Team Sports not your thing? We get it! This course is set up to take solo, all you have to do is purchase and go! But should you like the option of the team support, contact us and we will let you know when we are running the next Goal Getter Series Challenge.

How to Win!
First of all - TRULY all who enter are winners! Just by listening to the call of your heart and stepping forward to FOLLOW your guidance to realize your best self - you are winning!!!
But of course, no competition would be complete without a winner!
Your team is eligible to win prizes after it establishes a team captain to start tracking your points and submitting them. Points will be awarded every week your members set goals, make goals, attend classes ect....
All the details for how to win and what you can win, will be in an email following your groups registration and prior to the Series Challenge kicking off.

ONE LAST THING - You DO NOT have to be a member of Om Shanti Studios or attend any Yoga classes to enter this Series challenge!! All are welcome, so get motivated and just get moving! This Series is designed to help you meet your goals - whatever they may be.

Coaching Modules

  Lets Get Ready to Rumble.... Actually, Just Get Ready to START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!
Available in days
days after you enroll

Meet Your Course Author:

Christy Hostert

Energy Work Practitioner | Certified Advanced REAP Practitioner | RYT200 Yoga Teacher | Intuitive Spiritual Guide

Welcome to The Goal Getter Series!

I created this fun, inspiring and transformational program based on my own experience with goal getting, years of guiding individuals in my private practice through their healing and personal transformaions, as well as the tools, teachings, and wisdom I have gained over the years of working with incredible teachers, including Kendra Goheen, Pamela Dussault, Swami Sankarananda, as well as virtual courses with Sonia Choquette, Caroline Myss, and Prem Sadasivananda.

I will be your virtual coach and guide through this course. And I look forward to assisting you one one, if you so choose! Are you eady to go after those goals? Let's Do It!!

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Guided Meditations Plus Tools and Practices for Remaining Calm and Centered

Downloadable guided meditations and a healing Yoga Nidra

Trasformational Journal Prompts Plus a Google Sheets Goal Tracker

Designed to walk you through creating your goals & road mapping your way to success.


Coaching modules, team support, prizes and incentives, plus one on one coaching and healing sessions