Meet Your Course Author

Christy Hostert

Energy Work Practitioner | Certified Advanced REAP Practitioner | RYT200 Yoga Teacher | Intuitive Spiritual Guide

Christy serves as an Energy Healer, Teacher and Intuitive Spiritual Guide. One of her greatest gifts is the gift of clear sight. She has the innate ability to see clearly into ones light, and into the root cause, the patterns leading to their pain and suffering. These insights are deeply transformational for the receiver. From your first session, you will feel as if you have know each other your whole lives, putting you right at ease, able to open up and experience a beautiful soul to soul connection.  You will receive profound insights into who you are, the path you have walked and what the road to healing and transformation entails for you.

To inquire into Healing and Intuitive Guidance Sessions:

Call or Text Christy at 605-770-4129

Email at [email protected]

Healing & Guidance Sessions are done by phone or in person.

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