A Lenten Journey

"Be Still and Know that I am God"

Lent is the season for rooting out what prevents us from being still enough inside to know God. Caroline Myss says, "the Soul is the loudest voice you may never hear." These are words I know to be true. In stillness inner guidance is known, loud and clear. To cultivate stillness, is to find peace. Happiness comes from outer circumstances, people and things. Happiness comes and goes. Peace comes from deep with in. It is always there, it is our true nature, though we may not always be still enough to know it.

During Lent I reflect deeply on this teaching from Jesus.

"The Kingdom of God Is within you” Jesus said these words to and for all of us. To me and you and you and them, not just you or them, or at some point in the future the kingdom of God will be in you. But The Kingdom of God is Within You.

We have all read these words, or heard this on Sunday morning. But it is our birthright to know these words as Truth, to experience this. It is our calling to awaken, to be born again of Spirit not of flesh. And It is our duty to be of selfless service, to be an example and to share this Truth once we have come to see and know this for ourselves.

And as Jesus hung dying on the Cross, He pronounced. “It is Finished.” John 19:30. Jesus came to do away with the old covenant, it has been replaced. Hebrews 8:10 we hear “I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will by my people.” Jesus the man calls us to follow his way of being, so that we may also learn to embody Christ Consciousness and to know God personally. He says, no longer does one man need to go to another man for what is right or wrong. That is the old way, the curtain has been lifted. We are to seek Him within ourselves, and know Him, the Truth, God within our hearts.

When we believe in Jesus in a way that changes how we show up in life, in way that calls us to follow him, to apply his teachings, we come to know and reside in the Kingdom of God is within us. To reside in this Kingdom, is to reside in peace, love and stillness. During this time of lent, we are called to slow down, to shed the practices that keep our minds too busy, and too loud to sense this Kingdom of God. We purposely and intentionally make ourselves hungry for his Light, hungry to know his Truth. Every wise man knows, we cannot survive on Bread alone.

Jesus the man came to teach us the way to receive and embody Christ Consciousness. This was His gift to the world. We receive Grace, nourishment, and support on our journey to embodying Christ Consciousness through the sacrament of Holy Communion, through meditation and prayers of thanksgiving, through surrendering our will to Thy will. And in the stillness of our hearts, we can feel this Grace, His Light, stoking the fire, the Light, the Christ Consciousness within us, we feel this Grace connecting us, moving us closer to fully knowing and residing in the Kingdom of God that is within us.

Lent is a time for purifying and purging, for stillness, for seeking, for listening, for making ready, So that finally, we may receive. As we fast from the worldly gifts that keeps us so comfortable, so satiated, too full really and too busy to hear our soul's cry, it's longing for His Truth; and as we enter into the desert with Jesus, for silence and stillness, we allow for the deeper needs and more pressing soul urges to be felt, to be known. And in doing this, we also allow ourselves to see and feel fully, all of what is inside us that is impure, that veils the Kingdom of God within us.

During this process, we bring our shadows into the light so they may be purified and transmuted. Lifted from Darkness to Lightness. Over and over again. This is our journey. Becoming aware of our shadows, and consciously transmuting them into light. And this is not a comfortable process. Which is why for much of the year, much our lives, we so easily, so automatically give way to our every desire, our every distraction and addiction, to our earthly desires and urges. We use these things to numb the discomfort that is felt when these shadow within us arise. We know deep down this is not how we are meant to live.

Jesus came to show us how to transcend this way of living, in order that we may find heaven, this kingdom of God with in us. Remaining stuck in this primal way of living keeps us living unconsciously, and it's what holds us back from knowing the Kingdom of God. Remaining attached to our wordly desires and distractions veils from the awareness of our True Nature and our connection to God. It is not how we are meant to live. Jesus came to offer us Freedom from this way of living. A journey of being born again, of spirit. His invitation always stands.

During lent, as we commit to the fasting from wordly desires, and as we turn towards Jesus’ teachings; we grow hungry for the Light that He embodied, that he so eagerly and so passionately call us to. As we transcend our shadows and remove that which keeps us too full and distracted from him, We make ourselves a clean, pure vessel, ready and able to hold and nurture the light of Christ Consciousness, that which He suffered died, and gifted to us.

Let us Pray

Dear Lord God, We thank you for your ever present, ever constant and unwavering blessings of Grace and Light. Make us ready to hold, nurture and shine the Light of Christ Consciousness in ourselves for all the world to know and benefit from.

May we be blessed, guided and supported along our Lenten journey. As we journey through our own desert, may we know that we are not alone, and never have been. During the difficult times when I look back to see only one set of footprints, may I always know and trust you were there with me, carrying me through. May I come to trust fully in the process of fasting from what veils me from the Kingdom of Heaven within me, May I always be open to receiving the daily bread, which you provide without fail, so that I may continue through this desert, Never worrying about tomorrow, always knowing with the utmost faith and trust that each day, I will receive my daily bread, that I am carried and never alone, as I continue on towards my final destination, the Kingdom of Heaven within me. And may we all move through this Lenten season with full trust in you Jesus, and with gratitude in our hearts, may we be made ready to receive and to fully embody the Light of Christ Consciousness for the benefit of all.

In Jesus Name we Pray, Amen

May all who follow Jesus, who seek peace, stillness, God, find what they are looking for this Lenten Season.

Many Blessings to you all!